Your Office Has Gone Fully Remote: Now What?

Office Has Fully Remote

If your company has decided to remain remote, it’s time to start investing in your home office now. Setting up your home office is easier than you may think, but it requires you to consider three main factors: location, furniture and socializing.

Location, Location, Location 

Before you can design your office space, you need to decide where it will be. While making this decision consider whether you want to rent your own or set it up in space you already have. The cost will most likely be the deciding factor in this. As you pick your location, think about if the commute is easy, how many distractions will be around you and whether you enjoy the spot. These questions will help direct you in your search.

Design Necessities

Once you have chosen where you will work, think about what you will use. If you rent an office, it may come furnished, or you may want to start looking for the best place to buy office furniture. The essential pieces are your desk and chair. Your desk needs to have room for all your things, and your chair needs to provide you support for the days ahead. After picking out these pieces, think about the design of the space. You want it to match your aesthetic.

Getting Social 

During lockdown, one of the biggest challenges was employee mental health. While some embraced the time at home with families, many faced difficulties losing out on the important social network an office provides. When creating your new home office environment, be sure to include ways to be social. This could be having a set-up for social zooms or putting yourself close enough to other people that you can still socialize.

As you get comfortable in your new work environment, don’t forget to do self-check-ins to ensure you are getting the most out of it.