Tips To Prevent Chargebacks and Fraud

What are chargebacks? A chargeback is a mechanism created to solve those charges that are made to a credit or debit card that are not recognized. It is a way to protect the cardholder from charges made without their consent. It is generated when a cardholder contacts their bank directly to notify that they do not recognize a charge made to their credit or debit card by your business. At that point, the cardholder’s issuing bank sends the chargeback request to the business bank. While you are focused on running your business, you can lose everything if you are too lax about information and do not take a protective stance. Prevention is better than waiting until this occurs. 

Secure Links

Before clicking on a link, hover over it and see where it leads. If it looks weird or ends with an unknown suffix, do not click on it. For example, know the secure link of your bank or other websites before clicking on any. Make sure that a website address or URL starts with https://, which means that the website is protected against any fraudulent activities

Company Security

If you own a company and doing business online, you should install appropriate firewalls and security software that include email and Internet protection. Install patches and update the system regularly. Establish robust employee training and safety awareness program that includes regular testing and compliance.

Authentication and Protocols

Encourage your employees to establish two-factor authentication and security protocols for company payments. Always use double authorization. Make sure the process for making payments is not run by a single employee because no one person can be trusted.

Spotting Fraud

Monitor your online bank accounts and business credit frequently. Review your bank accounts daily. By making it part of your routine, you can spot fraudulent activity more quickly. In fact, daily reconciliations could allow you to identify it earlier and thus have a higher chance of recovery. If possible, you might even want to consider doing same-day reconciliations.

Stay Vigilant

Take advantage of your bank’s alert features and establish internal controls to prevent payment fraud. Shred documents containing confidential information before disposing of them. Change your passwords frequently. By staying vigilant, training your staff to do the same, and adopting safe practices, you can reduce the likelihood that your business will be the victim of fraud. You are encouraged to follow the fraud protection tips above to help with chargeback prevention.


Key Qualities of a Great Accounting Firm

Running your own business comes with a lot of responsibilities, one of them is having to constantly take care of your financial records and tax. Accountants provide us with a lot of necessary services which help to keep our business operating smoothly and within the law. They can help us save time and money by streamlining our business and ensuring we meet important deadlines. When searching for local accountants in Brentwood, consider these important tips:

  • Decide if location matters.
  • Know what you want from your accountant.
  • Ask for recommendations from friends and work colleagues.
  • Prepare for the interview process.
  • Ask the right questions during the interview process.

Finding the right accountancy firm can be a bit tricky, there are so many options out there. When assessing each candidate, remember to look for these qualities during the hiring process.

Technology – If you are looking for an accountancy firm which specialises in online compliance packages or bookkeeping, you must choose a company who has plenty of experience and all the right technology. Along with all the latest tech, they must provide outstanding customer service, so if anything goes wrong, they’re on hand to resolve the issue.

Assistance – A top quality accountancy firm will offer a range of different services, all of them are designed to take pressure off your company. They should work closely with you to reduce the number of administrative tasks your employees face on a daily basis.

Organisation – They must have exceptional organisational skills to ensure they keep up with figures, deadlines and other data.


What To Consider When Hiring Any Finance Broker For Your Business?

All types of businesses across the globe are running smoothly just due to the investments made by the concerned business owners constantly. In order to ensure that the business operations keep on with normal operations, capital investment is very much important. And the business owners need to make arrangement for the same whenever needed. At the same time, it is also true that the business owners may need to arrange for financial investment in their business from some outside sources. The business finance solutions offered by various finance brokers operating around seem to be the best option in this regard. These professional service providers offer the requisite financial aid to the businesses according to their unique requirements. For this, you just need to hire the best finance broker by considering some points as given below.

What is the type of your business?

Definitely, the type of your business matters a lot when it comes to deciding about the best finance broker for your business. It is because different types of service providers offer business finance solutions to different types of businesses. You must look for a finance broker that readily offers the requisite help depending upon the type of your business.

What is the size of the business?

Apart from the type of business, it is also important to consider the size of your business. Again various finance brokers offer help to varying business sizes. Hence this point must surely be kept in mind while hiring any finance broker for you.

How much finance do you need?

Of course, the financial aid needed by you must also be taken into consideration. It means you must know well how much finances you need for your specific purpose related to the business. It is because different types of finance brokers have varying limits to offer financial help to the clients. Hence you must go ahead with one that is able to offer you the requisite financial help in an easy way.

For how long you need the loan or mortgage?

Of course, it is also important to consider the duration for which you need the loan or the mortgage. In simple words, you must be sure how much time you need to repay the loan so as to go ahead with hiring any finance broker accordingly.

What about the rate of interest?

Surely, you need to pay some extra charges in the form of rate of interest while paying back the loan or mortgage. Hence you must consider the rate of interest charged by various finance brokers over the principal amount so that you may easily afford the same.

Considering these simple points, you may go ahead with hiring the most suitable finance brokers for you.


Basic Things You Need To Know About Trading CFDs

A CFD (contract for difference) is a contract between two parties on the movement of an asset price. CFD trading permits one to take a position/lot on the price of an instrument without actually owning the underlying asset. CFDs have a number of key features that make them both exciting and unique. One of these key features is that they enable you to profit from both falling and rising markets.

Here are some of the basic things you need to know about trading cfds in Singapore.

Trading CFDs allows you to profit from both rising and falling prices

If you believe that the price of an asset is going to rise, what you need to do is ‘buy’ or go long. This way, you get to profit from every increase in price. On the other hand if you believe that the price of an asset is going to fall, you ‘sell’ or go short. This means you’ll profit everytime the price decreases. However, if the markets doesn’t move in the direction you expect then you’re guaranteed to suffer a loss.

For example, if you believe that the share price for Apple will fall in value what you do is sell or go short on the CFDs. This way your profits will rise in line with any fall in price below your opening level. However, in the event that the share price for Apple rises, you will suffer a loss for every rise in price. Therefore, the amount of profit or loss you make will depend of the size of your lot/position as well as the size of the market price movement.

Markets where you can trade CFDs

The beauty of trading cfds is that it can be done in a plethora of global markets as well as multiple asset classes. In addition to this, you have the ability to utilise leverage and go both short or long. Some of the markets and asset classes include:

  • Foreign exchange
  • Currencies
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Shares

Also, you don’t have to access multiple different platforms to trade globally in the different markets. This is because everything is available under one login, anywhere and everywhere you need it. You can trade via your phone, web browser, or your tablet.

There are even some markets where you can trade outside of trading hours if you want to make the most of company announcements. However, keep in mind that the market’s out-of-hours price might differ from the normal opening price.

They are leveraged

CFD trading allows you to gain a much larger market exposure for a relatively small initial deposit. What this means is that the return on your investment trading cfds is significantly larger when compared to other forms of trading. This is because with CFD trading, you only need a small percentage of the total trade value to open the position and maintain the same level of exposure.

However, it is important to remember that while leverage can magnify your profits, the same case applies to your losses. Therefore, if prices move against you, you may find yourself closed out of your position by a margin call and to keep it open you will have to top up your funds. When trading CFDs, it is crucial that you understand how to manage your risk otherwise you will end up suffering major loses.

They are a derivatives product

Trading CFDs means that you don’t actually own the underlying asset. Therefore, you are merely making speculations on whether the asset’s price share will fall or rise. For instance, if you’re trading Apple CFDs it doesn’t mean that you own those shares. What you’re doing however, is simply speculating, and potentially profiting, from the same movements in share price.

CFDs is one of the most popular and flexible ways of trading short term movement in the financial markets of today.This is made possible by ability to go short or long coupled with the fact that CFDs are a leveraged product.


Cryptocurrency And Coin Markets

If you have the experience of online shopping you must be aware of the cryptocurrency and if you don’t know what cryptocurrency is then you must know that it is an online currency and it has no bound f the borders that imply on the currency of different regions. This currency is mean for online purposes and it is in the digital form too. This currency is basically digital assets and the value of cryptocurrency is increasing each coming year so it also serves the purpose of investment.

The value of cryptocurrency is really increasing a lot so that is why people are buying it more and more so they can get the profit from it. This currency is very useful for the online transactions. The benefits of the cryptocurrency are endless and buying a cryptocurrency is still easier and affordable for most people which will be difficult in the near future. Other benefits of the cryptocurrency are that there is not any transaction fee and chances of fraud are less here. But the one thing that you need to be considerate about is the coin market and if you have your own coins then you should be aware of the global coin markets and how are they going.

Coin market capitalization

There has been several ups and downs and in the cryptocurrency coin markets. As we go back to the year 2013 we will see that the coin market has remained stable till the year 2016 and after 2016 the coin markets started to increase gradually and very slowly the value of the cryptocurrency increased at a steady pace and then as the year 2017 started the pace started to increase even more and the value of the cryptocurrency was increasing at faster rate and by the April of this year the value started increasing even more.

There were several ups and downs in the coin market but in an abrupt increase occurred through the November and December of 2017 and since then the coin markets hasn’t been very steady by still it is a good news for all the cryptocurrency owners.

Worth of different cryptocurrencies in coin market

Cryptocurrency is of different types and there are a lot of cryptocurrencies available in the coin markets. The currency that has most of its worth is the bitcoin its market capitalization is $243,318,185,835 according to the current coin market and the market capitalization of other ones are close to it but still less than it. There are hundreds of such currencies available and you can buy any of them which you are able to afford. You can easily follow the coin markets on the internet as all the other function related to the cryptocurrency are done online on the internet. So now buying the cryptocurrency and keeping tabs on the coinmarkets are no longer a problem so you can now also make investments through this.


Tips To Get Better Returns From Stock Trading

Stock trading is risky if you don’t approach it in a strategic manner. Experts still suggest that it’s quite possible to invest in stocks and earn profits, provided you have some knowledge about investing in the stock market.

The main reason people invest in the stock market like Sensex is to multiply their investments as quickly as possible. It is not successful always, but you can play it smart and get good returns on your investments. So, to help you invest better, here are some tips you can keep in mind before investing in the stock market.

Tips to Trade Better in Stocks

Stock trading is a tricky game and most of the times, it can end in a loss if you don’t play your cards right. While there are a lot of tips, which people give freshers on how to trade stocks, the execution of those tips becomes important in order for you to make a profit. Just knowing all the things about the stock market, with no practical application, will do you more harm than good. Hence, it is better to do your research and execute what you learn yourself, and then try to make a profit out of stocks.

So, to help you, here are some tips to help you trade better in stocks, and make a profit.

  • Disciplining yourself

The main thing to be kept in mind while stock trading is that you need discipline. Most of the times, people invest in stocks and become greedy. So, they do not sell their stocks when the stock price rises, waiting for it to go up more. Afterwards, if the stock price falls all of a sudden, they get scared and sell off their stocks fast. These traits lead to loss more often than profits, which is why discipline becomes important while stock trading.

  • Skill in Stock Trading

Stock trading in Sensex is a skill, and one needs to learn how to acquire that skill, and hone it over time, to make consistent profits while stock trading. Experts always say that a person investing in stocks should be quick to get in and quick to get out. This basically means you should not hold on to a single stock for a long time as the market is always volatile and unpredictable. This sense of judgement can only be acquired by practical means, and not theoretical ones.

  • Planning your Course of Action

Many times, a person looking to invest in stock market gets this crazy notion that he needs to invest in multiple stocks to get more returns. That is a wrong mentality and should be avoided. While trading in stocks, you should do your research, select a few promising stocks, and focus on them.

  • Keeping an Eye Out for Price Range

If you’re planning to invest in stocks, it is better to always invest in a company whose change in a minimum range of Rs.10, which means, the company’s average price movement between a particular day’s high and low should be at least Rs.10.

  • Having a Tradable Amount of Stocks

According to experts, a good stock should have a daily volume of 500,000 shares to be tradeable. For people who have just entered stock market, it is better to start with Nifty-50 stocks.

  • Being Aware of the Timings

Stock markets are very volatile, and the stock prices keep changing every few seconds. It is important to keep an eye out for timings, as you can quickly sell your stocks during volatile hours when the market shoots up. In Indian stock markets, experts advise trading stocks between 9:30 and 11:30 in the morning.

These are extremely useful tips to employ during your stock market share trading activities. Keep them in mind, and you will make a profit trading stocks.


IFSC Codes And Their Importance In Performing Online Or Offline Transactions

In the Indian Banking framework, IFSC is known as Indian Financial System Code. It is 11 digits serial number, comprising of novel alpha-numeric character blend. The numbers can be partitioned as – the initial 4 digits are in letter set request, connoting the bank, the fifth number is single digit 0 (Zero), to be utilized by the bank later on, and the last 6 numbers are either a mix of alphanumeric digits, or just numeric numbers, distinguishing the branch of the bank. The extraordinary serial numbers are relegated by the RBI to all bank offices utilizing the Electronic Fund Transfer frameworks.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

The RBI being the unified saving money specialist likewise controls the assets exchange between the Indian banks under RTGS and NEFT systems. The official site of RBI shows the rundown of all banks in Indian states and union domains that take an interest in this framework. The banks offering net saving money offices and taking part in EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) framework must give the bank recognizable proof characters to their clients.

Approaches to discover IFSC Code

On the web and net managing an account clients must be completely proficient about the recipient boi ifsc code for sending or getting installments inside the nation, utilizing RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) and NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) systems. People, corporate and firms, with or without a record in the bank can likewise exchange cash, however such bank must be a member in RBI controlled EFT framework. The official site of the Reserve Bank of India gives the entire rundown of EFT taking an interest banks.

There are distinctive approaches to discover IFSC Code of your bank. A large portion of the banks print these one of a kind characters on the Check book leaves, yet in the event that they are not the imprinted on a Check leaf, you can call the client care of the predetermined bank and get the IFSC Code. The third technique that can give you these one of a kind numbers is to visit the budgetary web destinations in light of the fact that there are sites that give data on bank subtle elements, Bank’s NEFT status, branch address, branch area and IFSC Code.

NEFT and RTGS Systems

Both NEFT and RTGS frameworks for installment exchanges, and to get stores are upheld by the Reserve Bank of India. The essential contrasts between these two frameworks include:

NEFT-There is no base or most extreme breaking point to reserves exchange under this framework and cash scopes to recipient bank inside 24 hours to 48 hours.

RTGS-This framework is the speediest method of installment exchanges and installments can reach in a matter of moments. The exchanges are worked “progressively” and “net” premise, and not clustered with different exchanges. The base sum for stores exchange is Rs. 1, 00,000 or more and the installment is credited to recipient’s record inside 2 hours.

You should recall that whichever installments frameworks you are utilizing, IFSC Code is crucial for your assets exchange and these one of a kind numbers are substantial for just intra-bank stores exchanges inside India and not legitimate for worldwide reserve exchanges. You should utilize SWIFT or BIC code for abroad subsidizes exchange. Explore more at


Arnon Dror Talks On The Necessity Of Financial Management In Business Enterprise

Financial management is a critical part of running a business. Despite all the investments and the revenues that you get by running your enterprise, there remains a major risk regarding the finances. Surely, you don’t want to run out of capital and default your creditors. In order to prevent such a situation, all your finances need to be sorted. As per Arnon Dror , Oregon, a distinguished professional in accounting system that It’s not just balancing costs, expenditures, and revenues. It’s a total tally of all your investments and their outputs including an insight into what lies ahead.

While most business enterprises are aware of the necessity of such financial management, yet very few of them actually take professional help. Mostly, people rely on themselves and their hired accountant for the purpose. This might be helpful in maintaining a record of your expenditure and revenues but it will not serve you in the long run. So, here are providing you some valid reasons on why you should opt for financial management.

Keeps expenses at a minimum level

More often than not, we go overboard with our expenses and think we will make up later. Even if it is a one-time expense, it should be sorted out. Seeking the lowest possible cost price from vendors and buying things on wholesale or at a discounted price is essential. In fact, the major skill to run a business is to cut down on your expenditure and constantly seek to build on your own or look for alternative viable sources. Financial Management comes handy here as it gives you a proper insight of your financial condition and your economic growth. This helps in cutting down expenses, unnecessary employee burden, encourages bulk supplies etc.

Deals with the tax payment

Apart from investments, expenditures, and revenues, the one key aspect of a business is paying your taxes. No matter what kind of business you run, taxes are always due. It’s the very basic thing, which ensures a smooth running of the business. Financial management takes care of this as well. In fact, this the primary area where it differs from accounting as it carries out all your tax-related filling. For this purpose alone, a finance manager is one of the key features of business enterprises.

Maintains regular cash inflow

Irrespective of the business you are in, keeping a steady cash flow is the immediate concern at hand. Surely, you cannot go to the investors for every nitty-gritty details and both them about cost and expenditures. Arnon Dror , Portland says that, your job as a businessperson is to maintain a steady cash flow to operate your daily affairs. Hence, capital is a crucial point and having good cash at hand strengthens business, irrespective of the state of affairs of your bank account. Financial management takes care of this by balancing costs, expenditures, employee salaries, creditor’s down payment, taxes etc. It is a technique of prioritizing things and sorting it one by one in order of urgency. Therefore, that all your expenses are taken care of and you have a good amount of cash at the end of the day.


Organizations Role Play In the Immigration Bond Puzzle

Whenever one immigrate into a foreign nation, they might break laws innocently and get arrested for it. It may be harder to adjust to the foreign country’s laws and thereby finding yourself on the wrong side of the law. Whenever one is arrested, the problem may be elevated if you lack a person to bail you out hence needing additional help. Such issues have been countered by the agencies who bail out those who are found guilty of charges to do with is advisable to use any immigration bail bonds cincinnati oh because;

immigration bail bonds

Most commonly, the immigration crimes may be caused by the immigrant missing out on some requirement and is held by the immigration agency. Finding yourself in such a situation may be stressful. However, an arrested person should seek refuge to the bond agency to minimize the hustle for the bond. The agencies have identified an opportunity to offer bail services on loan forms. The arrested persons may be locked out of their access to funds.

Most of the detained persons prefer to go back to their countries whenever the client has completed the repayment program. The client is entitled to the representation by an attorney which accrues some costs to make the process go through with articulation. Immigration bonds are an assurance to the clients of peace of mind by knowing they will be freed from the jail. The proceeding may take more time than anticipated; thereby, the client may need more attention from being overtaken by the psycho-social problems. The agency offering the loaned services helps the accused through the court process that may take up to three months before the bond is given. In many instances, it is always easier to trust an organization for representation than an attorney, thereby it is advisable to take an immigration bond.

The payment process of the immigration bond has been simplified over the years by the ICEs responsible. Once the court sets the bond, the agency will make an appointment with the local bonds office and have the process running steadily to have them arrested or the accused person out of jail as soon. Sometimes the offense may be a direct call for deportation of the offender and this at times this complicates the process. However, with the number of hearings for the final verdict, the immigration judge may offer the chance for the immigration bond body to put in play to accord the client fairness and justice.

Over time an example from the immigration has proven fruition for their course to offer services in America. The financial problem in case proceedings has been hugely tackled by the agencies involved where the efforts put in to ensure the fair trial and proper representation during the proceedings. The efficiency of the process is apparent; some of the cases with complexity have seen the accused kept by the relevant authorities of the land as well as kept in a human-friendly environment. The organization is tasked with the whole process, and the repayment program enhanced and made easier as possible.


How You Can Get Quick Cash In A Time Of Need

Unfortunately, there are millions of Americans who will experience some level of financial hardship in their lives. There are many different people from different backgrounds that may experience hardship that can cause them to lose many things that are important to them. For example, some people who even work a full-time job and have a number of bills to pay for have been in a position to where they have been unable to cover their bills and expenses. At this time of need, they have had to end up selling some of the most valuable personal belonging such as their own vehicle. According to information from The Washington Post, studies show that about more than 43% of Americans are unable to pay for some of the most basics to live such as food, housing, child care, health care and many other important needs that are required for living. In addition studies also show that about more than 22% of adults in the United States are not able to afford all of their bills every month. If you are currently facing financial hardship and need to recover quickly, then you may want to think about alternative measures.

Fortunately, you can easily be able to consider alternative measures to being able to afford a majority of your bills every month. You may have to consider thinking about selling some of your personal belongings in order to receive the money that you need to be able to pay the bills that are required for you and your family to live. For example, perhaps you are short on paying for your rent and need extra cash to be able to cover it. Obviously, your job is not able to afford all of your bills so you will need to consider alternative measures to relieving you and your family from financial hardship. Based on information from Forbes, there are about more than 44% of adults in the US who don’t have enough to cover a $400 emergency situation. When you and or your family experience this emergency, you have to be able to know what to do and how to cover your emergencies.

There are so many different approaches that you can take to relieving you and your family members of your financial hardship. One of the best ways to getting extra cash fast is by selling some of your personal belongings that have some value to them. Gold happens to be one of the items that many people tend to have in their homes that they no longer use. Surprisingly, the value of gold has been steadily rising over the years in the United States. You can take time to search for your nearest company that is willing to accept your old gold jewelry for cash by searching any sell gold jewelry aurora co.

Financial hardship can happen to anyone. It is important to understand that you can be able to overcome this financial hardship by being proactive in selling things that you usually don’t use around your home. Remember, you can easily be able to earn quick cash in a time of need by simply selling old jewelry you no longer use. Turn your junk into money that you and your family could really use.