Read More On The Factors That Will Drive You To Own A Gold


Wherever you go in the world, you will always find individuals, who are fond of buying and collecting accessories or stuffs that are made of the finest and purest gold. Some of them are investors, businessmen and collectors, who are even coming from different countries, to make a bid and take home the most valued gold from auction houses. Well, that is actually a normal thing to do for these people, especially when they found something rare, collectible and of high value.

Now, if you are one of these individuals, who are planning to buy and invest in gold, then I guess, you should read more about this and learn, why you should consider having one. I know that these people have their own reasons, which made them plan and decide on holding gold for years, but one thing is for sure and that is because of its value. To own something expensive is something that must be planned, where you should know exactly when and where to buy one because there are also factors needed to be considered.

This metal is not just a collection or an investment that you can keep, but it is also rich in history, which made it rare and came with great value – these are just a few reasons why the price and demand is also high. Actually, these are not the only factors that the buyers are considering for holding a gold, and even if the price of this metal continues to grow, still, people will purchase and collect. I guess, some of you are curious to learn why, so we have here a few of the factors that made these individuals want to own this precious metal.


If you are going to compare this metal from other assets that you may be investing in like paper and coin currencies, then you should know that gold has the capability to maintain the value for ages. Which means that it can be preserved and this can be passed on from one generation to another, especially when it is kept in the family as a treasure or wealth.

Due to the distinct properties of this metal, it will not corrode, which only shows that it can still exist even after a century of existence – learn more about the properties from The color will be preserved as well, unlike other elements, where you have to be extra careful when cleaning or polishing.

Decline in US Dollar and Inflation Hedge

We are all aware that the status of the economy worldwide is fluctuating, where the prices of the commodities as well as assets like stocks and gold are also affected. Now, when the value of the US dollar drops, the price of this metal will rise. This prompts the buyers and investors flock and secure metals by either selling or buying.

Sometimes, more people are selling during this time because they earn more. While others are taking this opportunity to also make a purchase, especially when they found something rare and special.

It has been a hedge against global inflation, since the price is always increasing when there is an increase in the cost of living. Therefore, investors take this chance to start buying, while the currency has low value.

Demand and Supply

In some countries, the demand for gold increased, since it is used in jewelries. In fact, India is one of the countries with the highest demand and consumption of this metal, especially when the traditional wedding season comes, while the demand for bars is a persistent in China. In 2008, the US is even the largest holder of bullion and the largest ETF as well, but the demand is higher among the investors from different countries.

Due to the high demand, you should also know that there are limits in the supply – look at this for further reading. For the miners to bring a supply for production, they will need 5 – 10 years of hard work. Actually, because of the reduced supply, the prices increase. This is another reason for those who are interested to keep on buying and keeping their most treasured metal, while the others are encouraged to sell.