Top credit unions of Omaha


What is a credit union? Well, it is a member owned co operative which is financial and they are controlled by the members. Their main motto is to provide their customers and members some financial services at competitive rates.

Here are some credit unions in Omaha ne.

SAC Federal Credit Union

Their mission is to become a trusted financial partner for their members. They are always ready to provide some tailored solutions so that they can support their customers throughout their life events. This credit union started way back in the year 1946 and primarily there were only 12 members who submitted their insurance to form this SAC federal credit union. Later it changed its mane to Cobalt Credit Union. They have their branch in Omaha and from Monday to Friday they remain open from 9 AM to 5 PM. They have checkings, savings and credit card facilities as well.

Four Points Federal Credit Union

This place was originally established in the year 1934 as a part of the Farm Credit System. That is why; they are also a part of the Farm Credit Administration Cooperative Credit Association. In the year 2005 they have converted to a federal charter and there they adopted a new name called the Four Points. They are easy in serving all of their members over the 50 states on a regular basis. They help taking their customers some major financial decision.

Kellogg Midwest Federal Credit Union

When it comes to Kellogg FCU then it is said to be specialised Federal Credit Union. This place is federally insured by the NCUA which is also known as the National Credit Administration. Just like any credit union this place is also owned by its members and so they have some significant benefits. This is basically a non profit organisation that is serving its members since 1946. This is also governed by a volunteer board which is also consisted of members. That is why; customers tend to experience more personalised experiences here.

Omaha Federal Credit Union

This Omaha FCU has opened their business from the year 1935 and they are always ready to serve the financial needs of the Omaha community. People who are living and working in Omaha, Douglas, Sarpy or Nebraska can easily take a membership here. The Omaha FCU has a good range of financial services and they also offer online and mobile banking to their customers. The consumers can also go for real estate loans here.

Mutual First Federal

This is also a non profit organisation and they are mainly built in order to serve their credit union members. They also believe in giving back a lot to the local community. So they also support the resources to the local non profit organisation and that too by volunteering and sponsoring a lot of financial education seminars and supply drives. They not only offer banking and loan services but they also help in business.

These are the best credit union Omaha where one can go if they need any financial help.