Know The Different Steps Of The Marketing Process


Marketing is a process that is critical to the survival and success of any business enterprise is a competitive market. The process comprises of researching, packaging and proper presentation of products and services to potential clients of the enterprise. Effective and successful marketing campaigns are a catalyst in driving a business organization’s sales apart from providing the clients better information about the enterprise an entrepreneur is operating. However, to carry such effective campaigns require proficiency in a unique range of skills that every businessperson must master in order to gain the upper hand over his/her competitors in a market environment.

In the opinion of George Bardwil , a prominent textile industrialist from Southampton Long Island and the owner of Bardwil Industries, some people may consider marketing as a complex subject but it is possible for potential entrepreneurs to master its core skills. In fact, the effective marketing campaigns of this reputed textile proprietor have gone a long way in enhancing the dominance and image of the company in the America textile industry. From its humble beginning in 1906, this textile company is a household name in America and force to reckon with in this cutthroat industry.

Currently, the company conducts its manufacturing and commercial activities from three prominent American states of New York, New Jersey and Ohio. It specializes in the manufacture of high quality textile products of unique workmanship and is an employer to over sixty employees working at its various centers. Apart from being a major wholesaler to prominent corporate enterprise in United States conducting retail trade, the company maintains its own online presence to conduct direct sale activities.

Mr. Bardwil says for entrepreneurs need to focus their attention to three vital areas to gain proficient in conducting successful marketing campaigns. These are:

  1. Communicate, Negotiate and Network

Competent marketing campaigners are good and proficient communicators apart from being smart and intelligent businesspeople.  Strong communication skills enable entrepreneurs to make cost-effective deals with service providers, maintain effective business relationships with clients and build valuable networks for their business.

  1. Collaborate with the sale team

Large business enterprises have specific departments and teams that handle the marketing and sales activities of their respective organizations. The personnel in a sales team in these businesses are a crucial part of their marketing success and it is imperative for such corporate enterprises to include them while formulating any effective marketing campaign. It is just as essential to motivate these people in achieving the marketing objectives of the organization. In spite of the fact that small business organization have fewer members in their sale teams, it is equally necessary for entrepreneurs to motivate these people to ensure their marketing objectives are consistent and in line with their overall sales targets.

  1. Identifying strengths and weaknesses

Evaluating, analyzing and appreciating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to a business enterprise go a long way in assisting entrepreneurs to take informed decisions and modify their marketing strategies accordingly.

George Bardwil points out that regardless of the fact that technology and way people conduct business have undergone a dramatic change, traditional marketing skills still help entrepreneurs gain the competitive edge.